by Signe Tollefsen



released August 24, 2011



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Signe Tollefsen Netherlands

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Track Name: 185 MPH - FREE DOWNLOAD
Everything’s on top of everything
Just so you know where I’ll be
I’m lost and I’m losing you on this train
If only I knew where it was taking me

185 mph, that’s how fast I’m running
From the chance I blew
My carriage is singing to empty seats
I say: “I know, honey, I am lonely too”

Thoughts spoken, hearts broken, here’s to me
May I hold my peace on the journey ahead
For over the years I’ve not been prepared for the road
Just like my mother said
Track Name: Drunk Orchestra
Baby, I am a drunk orchestra
swinging from major to minor
Only the lonely can take me there
a bottle of booze and a shiner

I’m not a lady tonight
come now, baby, you know
you wanna get smoked

I gotta man who can make a fire
I gotta man who is free
I gotta man who can throw a ball
I gotta man who can see

I’m not gonna call him
but I will call him my lover on stage

One round for toys and nursery rhymes
another for my long lost friend
three cheers hurray for my father
a hero until the end

Oh my god, is what I never said
Is he here, is what I never asked
I want to leave, is what I didn’t say
How much more

Your flowers have wilted, my finger’s healed
the sheets have been washed and are drying
the milk has been drunk and the coffee’s cold
I wonder when she will stop crying
Track Name: Speak To Me
I can never tell what time it is
The sun has yet to set
Your blond hair turns golden in the midnight sun
And we have only just met

Midsummer night, the air is cooling down
And your arms carry me down to the lake
The water revives our naked bodies
We got hours until the world awakes

And I want you to speak to me
That’s all you gotta do to get me is
Speak to me
My body’s like the river when you
Speak to me
You can do anything you want to, just
Speak to me

I know some of the words you say
But I pretend not to understand
You saying where you wanna touch me and
How you wanna kiss me in the sand

The language you speak, it drives me crazy
And I’m putty in your hands all night long
My heart beats to your heartbeat
Until midsummernight turns into midsummermorn
Track Name: Since I'm Leaving
Since I’m leaving
Here’s everything I know
It’s everything you’ll need
For you picture show

I’ve given you
Two happy ends
One’s where they die
Two’s where they say let’s be friends

And I am not the only one
I am not the only one
Who thinks of leaving
I am not the only one
I’m not
I’m not the only one

I keep my knife sharp
‘cause all this nakedness
Is the polaroid
Of your bare breasts

My dirty nails
The product of
Dirty martini nights
Two dozen hours of love

And it is time for an obsession
It is time for an obsession
So feed me big time
It is time to be obsessed
It is time
It’s time to be obsessed

He saw me naked
I was swinging my hips
Reaching for the dawn
With my fingertips

And I was not the only one
I was not the only one
Who was talking dirty
I was not the only one
I was not
I was the only one
Track Name: Daddy
Can you tell this is my first time here
Can you tell that i’m a liar
That I don’t have the time
‘cause you don’t have the time

I don’t want to drive so i’m hiding out
While I let her do all the grieving
And i’m trying to forget
I’m trying to forget

That you spend all of your days alone
All your days alone
Just you and your time

One day after another day
You just sit and wait
I know you sit and you wait

You’re a man of fewer words than i
So there’s no knowing if you like it
When I don’t talk
And you don’t talk
Track Name: Where You Been
I can only guess
The mess we’re in
You’re gonna get us out
Without your bottles of gin
Don’t know where to begin
Who you tryin’ to impress
Where you been
Where you been

I won’t get on my knees
Please don’t make me go
Take your guns to town
Crown someone else’s ho
I ain’t here for you show
I’m here for what no one sees
Like where you been
Where you been

Got whiskey on my hands
And blood in my eyes

Now you’re knocking on my door
Your suitcase on the street
Guitar in your hand
Grand glory at your feet
Big people to meet
So what you come here for
And where you been
Where you been

The words that you’ve been lying
Denying your duty
The kids don’t know your name
Blame that on your roots, see
I am left with my beauty
And I am dying, baby, dying
Where you been
Track Name: Make Me A (Wo)man
Make me a man who falls into pieces when I blow him away
for wanting to stay
Make me a man who cleans up the mess when I fall for his words
the ones I misheard

Make me a woman who kisses me first without a game on her mind
the stumbling kind
Make me a woman who calls me up first to say she misses me so
how could she let me go
Make me a woman for she’s stronger than a man and can take on a girl
who loves me for my curls
with whom I’ll take on the world

With whom I will take on the eyes of the crowds
we’ll be warriors for love, meet the eyes of our makers
with whom I’ll be home
with whom I’ll be home

Make me a day on which I’ll accept that I am who I am
woman nor man
Make me a weekend when I’ll lick the salt off your lips at the beach
one sucker each
Make me a summer that is warm enough to throw myself into the sea
take you and flee
the sea, you and me

Make me a lover who kisses me first without a game on his mind
the stumbling kind
Track Name: Homecoming
I kept waking up, wondering where the hell I was
but I kept finding myself in my own bed
I was dreaming all night about beds in other places
different cities, different streets, different oceans

I flew in last night on my magical carpet
I returned from a land far, far away
where they eat dolls on sticks and music’s for sale and
where they have nothing. nothing, nothing to say

And as I am smoking my last cigarette of the morning
and I pout my very first glass of wine
I have to peel you off the ceiling on my own

I’m having a hard home-coming party
baby, it’s so quiet here
I can still smell the ocean on my dress
and I am keeping it for the cold, lonely nights

‘Cause now I have nowhere to go,
no one to meet in the morning
and I wonder where the hell I should go
I have to go
I have to go
I have to go
The ride was a trip so don’t ask me no questions
for my lips feel as though they’ve never been kissed
and I am kissing goodbye the eye of a beholder
and now I’m going to bed for all has been said
all has been said
Track Name: Borrowed Song
Here in a borrowed house
with a borrowed door in a borrowed street
I watch my borrowed neighbours
from a borrowed room with a borrowed view

Outside the clock is ticking
there's a man with a gun and a cord of wood
But I'm dancing under streetlights
and wanting me a piece of sisterhood

Where did it go
where did I land
Everything's worth giving chances
like shot romances
and forgotten dances

I'm making borrowed noises
giving her my borrowed piece of mind
I’m borrowing her time
counting down the hours, tick tock ticking away

She's giving me her fingers
whistling along to my every word
I'm giving her my freedom
knowing she will fly like a broken bird

Where did it go
where did we land
Everything's worth giving chances
shot romances
and forgotten dances

I'm leaving my home number
they can call me if they want to, but I’ll be gone
my footprints and my shadows,
will be there to show where I don’t belong

I’m borrowing a line
from a second-hand poem and a worn-out boot
and some experience
from a well-used life
in a used-up suit
Track Name: Here Is What
I want to make love to you
So that the caravan will shake
And couples walking by will look and tut
But secretly think
“oooh, I wish we still did that”

I am on my hands and knees
Hiding from the smoke police
While Roger sings about bricks in the wall
“what wall” you ask
I say “you’ve got to be kidding me”

Here is what we’ll do today
Here is what we’ll do today
Now that everything has failed
And everyone has bailed on me
We’ll do what I say
What I say

I gotta be young, stay young or die young
Which is a great prospect and I just can’t wait
Meanwhile I gotta work hard, have children,
Buy a house, worry about the future
And protest against the rules

What are we gonna do
We should be older now
We gotta make it work
And I will show you how
Show you now

So really,
All I wanna do is make love to you
So that our rusty caravan will shake
And couples walking by will look and
But secretly think
“oooh, man, I wish we still did that
I wish we still did that
I wish we still did that”
Track Name: Scared
I’d like to call you when I get scared
Even though I know that’s not fair
When I tell you tonight
That I don’t love you anymore

You will call my name
But you’ll say it in vain
‘cause it won’t change a thing

You will call me names
And I will let you blame me
For everything

Ooo baby
I will still be there for you

Ooo baby
Call me when you get scared